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Ask Chewy!

Hi! My name is Chewy!  My dad is Dr. Jordan!  I am almost 12 years old. 
I would love to answer any questions that you have for me!

Q:  My mom and dad are making me take fish oil pills.  Why do I have to take these?

A:  I take them and the difference has been great! I've been able to play a lot more because my joints don't hurt as much since being on fish oils.  My coat is shinier and my skin doesn't get dry and itchy anymore.

Q:  Do I really have to take Heartgard year round?

A:  Yep!  Dad said he just saw a dog with heartworms because his parents didn't give him his Heartgard every month.  Besides, it tastes GOOD! Don't complain!!

Q:  Why do they draw blood from me once a year when they already have a fecal checked?

A:  That's to check for heartworms which live in your blood and heart, not your poop.

Q:  Why should they draw blood before I have surgery?

A:  Dad does this to me regularly.  He says it's to make sure my organs are functioning okay so they can metabolize the anesthetics without causing me harm.