Luxemburg Pet Clinic

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Some animals require medications to help with the fears and anxieties they have. However, we always want to make sure that the animal does not have any underlying issues. It is very important that these medications get used along with behavioral modification/training as medications alone typically is not enough.


Some basic tips are as follows:

  • Basic training: Work with your pet to establish basic obedience skills i.e., sit, stay, and heal. You can also add in new tricks as well once they master the basics. These will build your pets’ confidence and stimulates their mind in a positive way. (For some pets having a job may be just what they need to build confidence)
  • Activity: By increasing your pets’ activity through regular walks, runs, and socialization (other animals and humans) will stimulate your pet mentally which helps keep a busy mind and they won’t have as much time to focus on their fears/anxieties.
  • Structure: Pets often response well to structure and routine. Having a set schedule can also boost their confidence as they know what to expect therefore they don’t have the anxious feeling of not knowing what to do.
  • When to reward and when not to: Calmly reward good behavior and do not reward bad behavior. Help them learn what is good/bad by being calm. If you over react about something, that could make them fearful or anxious about the behavior you’re showing them.